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September 02, 2011

The Truth Behind Budget Airline Safety

Discount airlines and cheap airfares now characterise the state of the airline industry and tourism sector. With many people considering air travel as the means of going to different places both local and abroad, airline companies have stepped up their game by providing competitive fares. Unfortunately, the cost of operating the latest commercial airplanes have gone up due to rising fuel costs and the emergence of low budget airline companies in Australia. As a result, many companies have made cutbacks and even downgraded their amenities to cut the cost and maintain the competitive pricing of their airfare. Before book your next flight to Tasmania or Fiji, take a good look at the travel packages offered in flight search portal Odusee.


We tend to think when airline companies start cost cutting the quality and safety of air travel goes down with it. Qantas, Virgin Airlines, and JetStar have changed the way we travel by offering budget-friendly airfares with the touch of class. That is quite a big standard for new and upcoming cheap budget airline companies have to catch up. Yet the questions remain. Do budget-conscious passengers and frequent flyers feel safe in budget airlines as compared to the traditional players of the industry? Do they cut corners and compromise safety? If you follow airline safety tips there is no need to worry if you travel first class or economy anywhere in Australia.

Cheap Airfare Doesn’t Mean It’s Less Safe


Whenever there are fatal air crashes, public confidence on budget airlines is also shaken. However, the truth of the matter is that even established airlines do face safety issues of their own and budget airlines are not far off from that. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority makes sure that all airline companies follow their strict airline regulations and protocols. In fact, safety standards are enforced wherein pilots undergo rigorous training exercises, flight attendants have their airline safety rules training, and maintenance crews update themselves with the latest safety procedures.

In order to minimise cost, some airline companies outsource maintenance and other critical services to other providers that is why most people view that flying even on the best budget airline is “unsafe.” According to an airline safety statistics study conducted by MIT researchers, passengers have only 1 in 8 million chances of dying in a fatal air crash. It is an even field whether you go for a known airline or a least known one.

Reputation of Budget Airline in Australia


Have you ever heard Raymond Babbitt (played by Dustin Hoffman) saying “Qantas never crashed” in the 1988 Barry Levinson film “Rain Man”? Many moviegoers were made to believe that Australian airlines have never suffered crashes because Hoffman and Levinson won the best actor and director awards respectively. The truth is that many airlines have their crashes of their own but budget airline Australia has focused on upgrading their facilities and safety measures so that fatal accidents will be averted.

Cheap But Not Without Frills


Gone are the days where you fly in a cargo plane like condition. Many Australian discount carriers are now showering their passengers with amenities and freebies without increasing their rates and compromising their comfort and safety.

Secret Behind Your Air Fare Savings


Did you know how you got big savings on your airline ticket? The real score is that most of your savings are invisible on the receipt. The fact is that most new airline and low cost carriers have the latest airplanes that are fuel-efficient and require less maintenance. With fewer planes to operate, the airline company will have smaller spare parts in their inventory to manage so there is less flight crew needed thereby cutting the costs for further training.



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