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April 07, 2010

How To Pack Light

I know people who are good with computers, or are highly-skilled dealing with cars, but for me, travelling is probably one of the things I am really good at. Been there, done that, doing it tomorrow – real easy. While most people have the same problem or over-packing stuff trip after trip after trip, packing light though is really important so you can enjoy every single part of your trip – from checking-in at the airport to claiming them upon return home, trips can be made easy and fun by packing light.

There are a few light traveling tips you can follow so next time you travel, you can definitely say for real that, hey, I am finally packing light!

When traveling, you should always pack thinking of the things you can do without – and hey, you might realize they’re almost half of the stuff you bring.

• Bring your favorite shirts that you know doesn’t wrinkle easily. Roll them up so they take on less space than just folding them up.
• For pants. Bring the ones with lighter material and do away with your heavier jeans (the lighter ones will do). If your pants have pockets with buttons or Velcro, they would be better to ‘discourage’ pickpockets.
• If there isn’t going to be swimming in your list of day to day activities, only one swimsuit will do.
• A small towel would already suffice because the hotel will provide one for you. Including your favorite toiletries, there are 7-11 stores in almost every corner of the world, so don’t fret if you left that favorite toothpaste or aftersplash.

Backpack or Suitcase?
• While use of either one may be okay and is just a matter of preference (rolling them on on the streets or getting both arms free), it’s how you maximize the bag that makes the difference. For suitcase, choose a smaller suitcase than what you would normally bring – and somehow try to fill it up to two-thirds of the bag only.
• Front pockets and side pouches are there to help too – you can put stuff bags, first aid kits, earphones or small towels – things that are handy and made easy to reach.

• A handy camera that has a long battery life and that needs little charging is best. You don’t need to tag along a charging kit, not bring spare batteries. Remember to bring though a tiny (and very light) memory card or stick.
• Skip on the hair drier (you can borrow one at your hotel or even at most hostels), a book (leave reading back at home because when you’re traveling, there’s plenty to do), or extra shoes (you can always buy cheap shoes anywhere – don’t expect them to be sturdy though, but just enough to let you go through comfortably in your tour).

It’s on everyone’s task list to pack light every time they travel, but somehow fail miserably and suffer unnecessarily even at times, but a few simple tricks here and there can really help you pack light, and travel happy!


Going places without a camera is like reading a book of make believe hahahaha... like the story!

Traveling light is encouraged to avoid the burden of checking up on a lot of baggage.

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