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March 29, 2010

The Travel Bug Has Bitten - Travel Tips Online

Maybe all these new surroundings and thoughts about getting work is getting me all stressed out. Maybe I’ve been thinking about it too much. And maybe the sun really just has inspired me to go on a vacation. Or a road-trip. That I’m not sure, all I know is I want to just ‘get-away’.

For some refreshing ideas and suggestions on where to go, when to go, and how much money I need, it’s a good thing to know that I have options to check some travel tips online.

Travel Blogsites – Bloggers (like me) and avid travelers (like me) share travel stories online. These sites can be as detailed that even includes breakdown of expenses and some even has some trivia about their travel destinations. Candid information is also being shared by the travelers including their interaction and experiences with the locals.

• Travel directories – Travel websites offer complete details and suggest different itineraries depending on the nature of your tour. From weather information, including packing tips, to currency needs and local holidays – they provide almost all information every traveler needs to know. Links to travel agencies and tour operators may be found – those that specialize in the type of entertainment and activities the place offers.

• Web Search – Just one click can bring you anywhere you want in the world – just looking at all those photos  and tips for travel available can really give you a feel (and see) what you can expect. Ratings on hotels, restaurants and resorts are also available. Car rentals contact information, if you want to avail of one, can be seen as well. Sometimes, special promo rates and deals are made available to those who will make their reservation online.

• Social sites – Facebook and other social sites are being used to share photos and details about their travel adventures. And what’s best is that these tours and destinations are already reviewed by the best critics – your friends. You can contact them directly about every detail of their tour.

• Special interest websites – If you’re really not sure where to go, then maybe you’re better off to have an adventure – literally. There are special sites dedicated to a particular interest like – ice climbing or flying an ultra-light aircraft. Since you’re undecided by the way, save those beach trip when you’re on the mood for some sun, but now, maybe you can try off something really different.

• Travel agencies – Travel agents are experts that can help you in deciding where to go, when to go, and how much you need (add to that their mark-up rates of course). They can create a package tour that can really fit what you want out of your vacation – if you know what it is you want. If not, they can suggest the travel tips for the best places where you can travel during that time – spontaneity’s never been this much fun.

So, I got to go and check these sites. In just a few minutes, I may just have made up my mind – just watch out my FB account for new photos.


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