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January 03, 2012

Personal Safety Checklist for Christmas Travellers

When you see Christmas trees, the glittering lights, and gift-giving all around you, it could only mean one thing – the holiday travel season is upon us. Many people are looking to spend their Christmas on the sunny Bondi Beach or Tasmania’s picturesque landscape. As most of us looking to travel around Melbourne or Perth, we tend to overlook our personal safety checklist as we start packing for vacation. Once we complete our checklist, we need to check it twice and prepare from any unexpected happenings from traffic jams to flight delays.


When it comes to Christmas travel planning, there is a need to ease the hassles and chaos of travel so that the trip would be as smooth and safe as possible. Don’t focus too much on finding cheap flights to Sydney when guaranteeing your personal safety should be your number one priority. It is important to take note of possible problems that may happen such as the essential items you forgot to bring. Follow these tips and suggestions to ensure that there will be no problems along the way:

Get a Map


Although you can always your mobile phone’s GPS, travel maps come in handy especially if you ran out of battery or the GPS coverage is spotty. Besides, getting a map is necessary if you want to chart your itinerary and plan your next destination.



Now that you have booked cheap tickets Melbourne, it is important to do a little bit of research before you board your plane. Learning more about the place that you want to visit will come in handy especially if it is your first time to go there. Know common customs and popular places. Learn how locals do things their way and more importantly, take note of the do’s and don’ts.



Even if you are set to go, there are things that can ruin your travel plan. When it comes to booking airline tickets, it is necessary to confirm your flight schedule to seating assignment. The last thing that you need to know is you’re separated from travel companions.

Pack what you need


Although the idea of packing light has been advised by frequent flyers, globetrotting backpackers, and adventurous travellers time and time again, it is also necessary to bring as many things that you need for your journey. In this case, travel charger and allergy medications are important things to bring. Make sure to keep your passport and cheap tickets to Sydney in your carry-on bags.

Travel on Christmas

There is a never-ending queue of people at the airport days before Christmas. Did you know that most airports are virtually empty since most people, by then, have made it to their destination? Flying on Christmas Day can be hassle-free and less stressful.

Perth to Tasmania flights, cheap and affordable as it may be, offer serious considerations since Christmas is the time of the year where cases of lost baggage, cancelled flights, and stolen personal items are reported. Be prepared for such eventualities.


December 14, 2011

Best Places in the World to Celebrate Christmas

Nowadays, Christmas has become a global event that everyone celebrates. A better way of doing that is by visiting the best places in Australia and other parts of the world in order to experience the holidays like never before. Even if you can’t find the fictional location of Santa Claus’ headquarters, you can always visit these wonderful locations and feel the yuletide spirit in a different way. The holidays is not all about having parties or giving gifts, it is also the perfect time to travel to different places you never been before. If you are not sure where to go, check out online travel search sites to find Sydney tourist attractions or popular European landmarks.


Regardless of one’s nationality or religious beliefs, Christmas lights up cities and creates buzz in communities around the world. Explore new places, discover different cultures, and join the celebration the way locals do. Here are the best places in the world to celebrate Christmas:

Santa Claus Village (Finland)


Believe it or not, there is a place in Finland’s Arctic region where Santa Claus is said to live. Unlike the typical Christmas showpiece house in any shopping malls, the place really feels like you’re in the ideal one! As long as you have the money to visit this remote location then you can meet the jolly man in the red suit. Deep inside reindeer-dotted forests and winter snow, this sleepy Finn town has all the trappings that the “child in you” craves.

Vatican City (Italy)


Being the epicentre of Christendom, Vatican City is the place to be for people who want to celebrate Christmas in a more spiritual way. It is a magical feeling to visit the Eternal City because it is just like a living museum where you can wonder the beauty of the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Piazza Navona, and the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. Forget about the Perth attractions when there are many once-of-a-lifetime locales in Rome that you need to visit.

Bethlehem (Israel)


If you haven’t found the Queensland holiday packages you’ve been looking for, why not visit Bethlehem for a change? Being the traditional heartland of where the Christmas celebration originated, this city offers pilgrims and tourists alike a glimpse into the actual place where Jesus was born. There is a mass at the St. Catherine’s Church on December 25 and many people will converge on Manger Square in the old city for interesting activities.

Bondi Beach (Australia)


As your Yankee friends are suffering from the cold spell, Aussies usually hit the beaches during this time of the year. Snow and skiing are replaced with sand and surfing when it comes to your first Oz adventure. Aside from the lovely watersports, the beach is also a favourite among backpackers who want to sit back and relax.

Zurich (Switzerland)


Aside from the best places in Melbourne, you can go for an Alpine experience with a Christmas in the Swiss city of Zurich. The city comes alive with an enchanting all-singing Christmas tree at the Werdmuhleplatz.


December 07, 2011

The Best Christmas Holiday Travel Ideas in Australia

Unlike most favourite destinations, Australia has a different Christmas atmosphere than the rest of the world. The heat is on and people would spend long days in the sun as summer is starting to pick up. While we are familiar with the images of the cold wintry snow of Christmas, Aussies celebrate the holidays quite differently than Americans, British, or Canadians. Many would love to enjoy outdoor activities like a yacht cruise or watching sporting events like the Boxing Day Test Match or the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Catch up with your family and friends and enjoy fun-filled activities for the rest of the holiday season. If you’re looking for ideas, check out the attractions search portal Odusee to find out which place to go first.


Get your suntan, head to the wild outdoors, and enjoy Christmas in Australia away from the hassles of city life. There are many remarkable places to visit that you wouldn’t think as a bad holiday getaway vacation. Perhaps, you want to try something not of the ordinary travel destinations that you once had like going to some place that is pristine and breathtaking. Here are great Christmas travel ideas you may want to consider in your itinerary:

Sunbathing at Whitsunday


When you are dreaming of a white Christmas, it doesn’t have to be snow. You can have a relaxing and amazing day with the fine, white sand beaches and turquoise clear waters of the Whitsunday Islands. How about getting a chartered yacht to go around the islands with your family? It would be a good idea to learn surfing or try your luck on deep-sea photography.

Go Camping


Who says camping on Christmas isn’t fun? Visit Kwiambal National Park and you’ll know the reason why it is one of the best outdoor destinations in the country. The camping area is interestingly called the Lemon Tree Flat where campers can see the high granite walls and huge boulders. You can also go for a swim, do a little bit of fishing, or take an early morning walk. It may be one of the many cheap travel ideas but you can always make it fun and memorable.

Visit Waterfall Way


If you want a tour along the Waterfall Way, start with the beach resort town of Coffs Harbour. Pass through the lush Great Divide rain forest, the New England tablelands, and your journey in Armidale. Check out the various cafes, art galleries, and markets in Bellingen or make your adventure at Dorrigo’s Dangar and Wollomombi.

Tasmanian Christmas


A visit to the Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tasmania can be an amazing Christmas experience for those who haven’t been to this part of the country yet. There is the Lake St. Clair National Park for those who love guided walks and animal spotting tours. Think of a great of holiday travel ideas where you can experience yourself being in Sir David Attenborrough’s documentary film.

Floating at the Murray River


Another Christmas holiday idea is to go for a romantic ride on a houseboat along the Murray River. A super luxury Dream Boatel moored at Mannum, South Australia is the perfect place to start your river adventure.

Kangaroo Island Escape


Kangaroo Island is a paradise for Australia’s wildlife that includes kangaroos, koalas, sea lions, seals, penguins, and wallabies. If you want to enjoy watching these endangered wildlife or perhaps take an all-terrain vehicle ride around the island then this is one of the best Christmas holiday destination that you need to go.

If you ran out of places to visit, check out other holiday travel tips from frequent flyers and intrepid travellers who love to make your Christmas vacation a unique and memorable experience.


November 30, 2011

The Top Australian Film Locations That You Need to Visit

We all love to watch movies especially if it has amazing locations and breathtaking scenes. Known for its picturesque landscapes, amazing beaches, rich flora and fauna, and rich blue sea, Australia has a unique charm that makes it an ideal film location for the biggest movies you see on cinemas. Some Hollywood movies have set up film locations in the country’s diverse landscape. In fact, blockbuster films like The Matrix, Superman Returns, Ghost Rider, and the Baz Luhrmann hit Australia were filmed in the country. If you plan to visit where your favourite movie scenes were filmed then check out the attractions search portal Odusee to find out if there are guided tours that will help you visit these film locations.


Film producers, directors, and location scouts look for places that are quite unique and different from the typical U.S. cities. Perhaps, they want something that film viewers may find unrecognisable but would still encompass things appropriate for the film genre and locale. If they want something futuristic then they may go for Sydney but if they go for something classic then Melbourne would fit in as a perfect turn of the century analogue of New York City. Here are the top Australian film locations that you need to visit:

Sydney, NSW


Sydney is perhaps one of the best film friendly locations in the country. You may not notice it but when you go around the city, you will realise that there are places lifted from scenes in the blockbuster hit The Matrix. So that they won’t provide the visual cues that the film was shot in the heart of Sydney, the cinematographer would blur out the harbour. Critical scenes like the helicopter crash were shot at the BT Tower on Market Street. The scene where Neo and Agent Smith met were filmed at the top of the AON Tower on Kent Street. Finally, the scene, where a woman in red dress distracted Neo, was shot at the fountain outside Martin Place.

Superman Returns, which starred Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth, has scenes at Elizabeth Street, Martin Place, Narrabean Beach, and The Australian Museum in order to recreate what Metropolis would have look like.

Brisbane and Gold Coast, QLD


The romantic comedy flick Fool’s Gold, starring Matthew McConnaughey and Kate Hudson, was filmed primarily in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. If you want to find film locations, where you can enjoy the outdoors, then visiting this area is the place to be. The cast and crew showed what Australia has to offer with scenes taken from the Southbank in Brisbane to the “island shots” in Hamilton and Fraser islands. The Queensland University of Technology also made its appearance because of its majestic public buildings.

Melbourne, VIC


In the dramatic motorcycle stunt scene in another superhero film Ghost Rider, the producers have used the Telstra Dome, now known as the Etihad Stadium, as its primary film locale where Nicholas Cage made his dramatic ride. The Melbourne General Cemetery serves as the locale for the haunting scene that made Cage as the flaming cycle motorcycle-riding vigilante that every criminals are afraid of. Take a stroll on the Southbank Footbridge where you can pretend that you’re Cage running in the middle of the country. Have you ever wonder which dramatic scenes were made at the Newport Railway Workshops?

Bowen, QLD


Who has heard Bowen as a prominent film location? Well, if you have watched epic film Australia then you will fail to realise that it was filmed in that small, laid-back Queensland town and not Darwin, where it was supposed to happen. Bowen may not be one of the most famous film locations in the world, it served as a “city double” for the actual location. The Kimberly Ranges, Kununarra, and various parts of New South Wales also provide a good backdrop of the film.


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